Sunday, 25 May 2014

Blush | Tips and Tricks

This is the fourth tips and tricks, and this is a quick one as I have been busy, so let's get stuck in with blush...
Applying Blush
•Always apply blush over foundation, or at least powder-if you don't, it will look unnatural.
•Smile when applying blush-this way you can get it exactly on the apples of your cheeks.

Thats it for today, sorry its so short! Don't forget to vote in my poll if you haven't already!

May | Monthly Top 5

Another month down, another 5 products I've been loving. This month I'm including a lot of make up as Superdrug have been having a sale for their 50th birthday-whoop whoop! I would just like to add an apology for not being able to include any pictures, but I am under circumstances that mean I haven't got the usual photo-taking opportunities, but as soon as I can I will update this. 

5. Sudocream
This may seem like a weird thing to include, but let me explain. It's designed to heal cuts, rashes and grazes, but I've found that it works really well for reducing the appearance of spots. It's also great for itchy or irritated skin. You can get it from Boots and probably Suoerdrug and it's quite cheep so I would definitely recommend it!

4. Pastel nails
This is a more general favourite, but I'm really loving pastel nails at the moment. I think pastels look really nice for spring and summer, plus they show off a tan really nicely too! I only have two currently: Model's Own Scented Nail Polish in Strawberry Tart & Collection Work The Colour in 22 Lilac Daze. I have also been eyeing some from Barry M, which I'm excited to try. 

3. L'oréal Glam Bronze
This one was recommended by Zoella and I love it. I have quite pale skin so finding a bronzer that suits me is hard, they're always too dark and look unnatural, so finding this was great. They only do two colours and both of which are really light. It's a little on the expensive side but for me it's worth it as it also comes with a little brush, which I don't use on a daily basis but its nice for on the go. Love it!

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This is a really raved about product and I can see why! I'm not really a fan of the dewey look, I don't think it suits me so this powder is brilliant. It's needs rare topping up and stays matte for hours. It's also fairly cheep so great value. Best high street powder!

1. Tanya Burr Lip Gloss
I am a huge HUGE fan if Tanya, so when she brought out her own range if lip glosses and nail polishes I was mega excited. I've only actually tried one, which is Afternoon Tea and I love it so so much! The colour is beautiful and it stays really glossy for ages! Love it so much!

So that's what I have been loving this month. I would like to add that the tutorial will be up in the next two or three days, for sure!!!!! 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bronzer | Tips & Tricks

For the second tips and tricks, I thought I'd do bronzer. When applied correctly, bronzer can give you that just-been-on-holiday sun-kissed glow, so here's how to do it right...
•Always swatch bronzer before buying- you don't want one that's too dark for you, or it will look unnatural. 
•Use a brush designed for the job- otherwise it can look patchy of uneven and remember to blend it properly.
•Dust bronzer around the hairline- this will flatter your face shape and give you a more natural-looking glow.
•Apply bronzer over foundation or at least powder- that way you won't end up with a streaky finish.
•Remember that bronzer can double up as an eyeshadow- just dust all over the lid with a small face brush. This is great for a natural spring look.

I hope this helps as much as it did for me.
Oh and the video is so very nearly finished, sorry it's taken sooooooooo long but I swear it will be done in the next few days!!!!!!!

Blog name change update

Hola! I wrote this to tell you that suggestions are now closed! I won't accept any more suggestions from now! If you have no idea what I'm on about, then you should read this post. Don't worry if you would still like to get involved but you haven't yet, I will put up a poll in the sidebar which will allow you to vote for your favorite name. You can only vote once and the poll will close on Sunday 15th June. Every vote is very much appreciated, thanks!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Foundation & Concealer | Tips and Tricks

So, the first tips and tricks, and I thought I would start with the basis of all makeup: foundation and concealer! Getting your base right can make your skin look flawless and your eyes bright and awake. 

Choosing a foundation and concealer
•Swatch the product on your face, not your hand or neck, it's not the same colour. 
•Let the product sit on your skin for at least 10 minutes, the acid balance in your skin can adjust the colour over time. 
•Check the match in natural light, artificial light can be deceiving, making it look a different colour. 
•Don't buy a foundation darker than your skin colour to create a tan, this will look unnatural so use a bronzer for a sunny look. 

Applying foundation and concealer
•Check your make up in multiple mirrors and lights, dark light is deceiving and you want to avoid any nasty surprises. 
•Apply your foundation lightly, if it feels like a mask, you're wearing way too much. 
•Remember that your face is not a flat surface, use tools designed for the job. 
•Blend concealer with a specially designed brush, or your ring finger. Favour this finger because it's more gentle so it gives you better coverage. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

April | Monthly Top 5

It's a new month now,  which means a new monthly top 5! This will be my first proper monthly top 5, so let me know if this is ok! I'm going to dive right in with number 5...

This is a cream wash that you apply onto a wet face, massage in and wash off. I use it every morning and it gives my skin a really fresh feeling. So, it feels good, but does it do good? Well, I've found it works really well in keeping my skin spot free. Of course, I still get a couple, but there's nothing you can really do about that. I would definitely recommend it. 

I've only been using this product for a few weeks, but it's so far so good. I rub it into my face every night before I go to sleep and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. A little goes a long way, so it really is a bargain and worth every penny! I know there is a larger range if products that I haven't tried but my expectations are high. 

From the Palmer's range I have the cream for dry skin and the original lip balm. Both are really good and keep your skin soft and moisturised. I use the cream on my feet as I get very dry skin on my heels and the balls of my feet and this really helps. I apply it every night and it really helps. The lip balm is also really good as it also has an SPF 15. It leaves my lips very soft. I suppose I really like this range because it smells like chocolate!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

I love these sooo much! I only have Strawberry Tart myself but I have smelt the rest and they are all amazing! I had it on when I was on holiday and the whole time my friend kept asking to smell my nails as it smelt sooo good! The scent lasted for ages, although don't put a top coat on, otherwise you can't smell it anymore. I love the colours and want to go back and get the others too! The colour lasts just as well and I would recommend them very highly!

This is my top product this month. So many people race about this and I can see why! I have only had it about a week and I already love it! I use it for under eye circles, spots and redness and its brilliant. I have very dark under eye circles so finding a concealer that is pigmented enough to cover them is high on my priorities, and this one dies the job perfectly! LOVE. IT. 

I would like to end this with another apology about the lack of tutorial. I still haven't got round to editing it yet but I swear it will be done!!!!! Oh and if you haven't yet seen my last post about the competition, please do! Thanks :)