Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bronzer | Tips & Tricks

For the second tips and tricks, I thought I'd do bronzer. When applied correctly, bronzer can give you that just-been-on-holiday sun-kissed glow, so here's how to do it right...
•Always swatch bronzer before buying- you don't want one that's too dark for you, or it will look unnatural. 
•Use a brush designed for the job- otherwise it can look patchy of uneven and remember to blend it properly.
•Dust bronzer around the hairline- this will flatter your face shape and give you a more natural-looking glow.
•Apply bronzer over foundation or at least powder- that way you won't end up with a streaky finish.
•Remember that bronzer can double up as an eyeshadow- just dust all over the lid with a small face brush. This is great for a natural spring look.

I hope this helps as much as it did for me.
Oh and the video is so very nearly finished, sorry it's taken sooooooooo long but I swear it will be done in the next few days!!!!!!!

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