Sunday, 29 June 2014

Nails | Tips & Tricks

So, here we are, the last tips and tricks! I hope you've liked this series and found it useful. Let me know if you did :) We've gone through pretty much every aspect of make up, so I thought I'd switch it up and end on nails...

•Don't use nail clippers on our finger nails-this will encourage breakage. Toe nails are stronger so clippers are ok to use for your feet. 
•Avoid using nail varnish removers that have acetone in them-this will dry out your nail and make it brittle. 
•When you're filing your nails, don't run the nail file backwards and forwards across the nail-this will make the nail much easier to break. Instead, use single strokes in one direction from one side of your nail, then the other. 
•Only buff your nails once a week-if you do it more often than that, it will weaken the nail loads and make it thin and feeble.
•Avoid applying more than 4 coats of nail varnish-despite what you might think, the more coats you apply, the more easily it will chip. 

So this is it for my tips and tricks. Don't forget to check out my first ever YouTube video ( if you haven't already. Now, if you read my blog regularly, you might be expecting a monthly favourites this week, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint. I have exams almost every day this week, so because of revision and a slightly pushy dad, I'm going to be spending my time revising not blogging this week. It's not what I would like to do, but it's what I've got to do! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen my post yesterday saying that the poll is closed and that I would be announcing the winning name on my blog. Well, here we are! (Puts on grand voice) And without any further ado, the winner is..........................Purple Beauty! The runner up was Alison's Fashionista Fiesta and third was Beauty on a Budget!

So now I am going to start the long process of completely redesigning my blog! It's something I have wanted to for a few weeks now and something I enjoy so yeah! 

I would just like to add an apology for the lack of a Tips and Tricks post last weekend, but I was incredibly busy, but I will put that up this weekend. Sadly, it will be the last but I have more exciting plans so stay tuned and keep giving me your suggestions, every one is much appreciated! :)  

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mascara | Tips and Tricks

We are coming to the end of the tips and tricks series now, I think there's only one, maybe two, more after this one.  So without further ado, here are my tips for using mascara...

•Don't pump the wand up and down in the tube-this will trap air in the tube, causing it to dry out quickly. 
•Clear mascara looks more natural and can also be used to shape and set eyebrows. 
•Mascara in the lower lashes looks more natural when used with eyeliner. 
•Remember that brown mascara will look better when used with brown eyeliner, and visa-versa. 

So those are my tips for using mascara. Oh, and I would also like to mention that as some of you may know that I'm going to the Capital fm summertime ball next Saturday, which I am SUPER excited about. If you don't know, it a concert where about 15 different artists all preform a few songs in one night. Anyway, I am thinking about doing a blog of myself and mum going to that! Let me know what you would think of that! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Eyeliner | Tips & Tricks

This week its the turn of eyeliner. I'm just going to get stuck straight in today!

~Apply eyeliner at the root of the lashes-not above or below
~When using pencils blend the end down slightly-avoid really sharp points for obvious reasons.

Liquid eyeliner
Liquid liner is notoriously tricky to master, so here are my tips...
~Make sure to line the tip of the liner as close as you can to your lashes.
~Hold your eye closed with your lashes
~Rest your wrist on the top of your cheek
~Remember that you can always clean it up with concealer

So those are my tips for perfecting eyeliner, and the video will be up tomorrow, I promise!!!!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Eye shadow | Tips and Tricks

Another short one this week as I have again been busy, however next week will be back to normal. Now we're moving on to eyes, starting with shadow...
Applying Eyeshadow 
Use an eyeshadow base- this will help it to last longer and give a better finish. I often use my concealer for this.
Never apply dark colours in the inner corners-this will make the nose look longer.
For a quick look, use a coloured eyeliner smudged out along the lash line.
Remember that even just a hint of colour can change the whole look.

So those are my tips for eyeshadow. Just a reminder that there's only 14 days left to vote for my new blog name, so go vote now!