Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tips and Tricks

Just a quick one for you today: Over the last couple of years I have collected lots of little tips and tricks for all sorts of beauty-related things, so I thought I'd share them with you! I will be posting one every Sunday through May, June and maybe even July too, we will see. I will post the first one next week, but for now, goodbye! :-)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As you will know if you read my Lakeside Haul, I want to change the name of my blog, but I don't really know what to call it! Then I thought, ask people who read it! (That‘s you!) So, I am having a competition to see if you guys can come up with any good names. The name needs to either:
~Show what the blog is about~
For this it must show beauty, fashion, nails and hair, not just one, all! It must also show that it is drugstore (high street) products, not high end.

For this option I am looking for something that reflects me a little bit. This one will be easier for those of you who know me, but the following should help those of you who don't...I like purple, playing guitar, I am artistic and creative and like beauty and fashion etc (obviously!) If you're still not sure, check out my Hello and welcome! post, which should give you a bit more info.

If you can't squeeze all that into just a name, you can also add a tag line if you want to, but that's optional!
I will take all your suggestions, select 4/5 of my favourites, and put them in a poll down the side of my blog. I will then take the top 2 most popular and decide between them. I also have two ideas of my own (one of each of the options above) which I will add to the poll. They're Splash of Purple or FAB: Fashion And Beauty.
If you would like to enter, you can leave a comment below, send me a message via my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram which are linked down the side --> or email me alison.e.reeve@outlook.com (business only).
The deadline for suggestions is Sunday 18th May 2014.
Good luck! :-)

Holiday beauty shelf

If you follow my instagram, you will know that I am in Spain, so I thought I'd show you my holiday beauty shelf! I got his idea from Zoe aka Zoella from YouTube, and thought it was a nice idea. I'm sorry about the picture quality and the way I have to lay it out, but given the lack of a laptop this is the best I can do! I'm not going to give a proper review of all the products but let me know if there's something you want me to review or try out.
I thought I would start with hair, so the first picture is my Tangle Teezer, hair doughnut, packet of hair grips and my hairspray. My current one is the Bristows Ultra Hold hairspray, which I wouldn't recommend as although it does the job OK, it won't hold anything big in place, and it often leaves random sections of hair feeling literally like straw!
Next I have my creams. I have my Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms travel hand cream, Superdrug Vitamin E night cream, Simple protecting light moisturizer, Palmer's cream for dry skin and Palmer's lip balm. This moisturizer is particularly good for holidays as it has an SPF 15, as does the lip balm.
Onto make up, and I'm starting with face. I have my Collection lasting perfection foundation, No7 blush in 10 Soft Damson and an old Claires powder and bronzer duo. I like to use up old products when I'm on holiday as I wear less makeup. The Claires products aren't great but they give a little holiday glow.
My 4th pic is eye products. I have the Collection Pump up the volume waterproof mascara, the Avon super extended mascara, a Cover Girl liquid liner, a Cover Girl brow pencil in Soft Brown and my concealer. I have used it so much that the writing had rubbed off the concealer so I can't tell you where it's from, which doesn't really matter as I wouldn't really recommend it anyway!
 After that there is lips. I have a No7 Poppy King lipstick in Allure, the Body Shop love gloss in number 19, the So.......? Brit lip balm, the Body Shop watermelon Born Lippy and the Vaseline Rosy Lips. I love the watermelon lip balm as it smells amazing and the Vaseline is really good as it looks after your lips and gives them colour.
My penultimate pic is of random bits I didn't know what categories to put them into. So I have a Cover Girl pallet, a Superdrug powder brush, a cotton bud and an old Claires brush set.
I thought I would finish with fragrance, so the perfume is the Autograph Blush and the body spray is the Superdrug Miami Breeze. I recommend both as they both smell really nice!
I hope you liked this and I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this month, but I've been very busy! I also want to add that I'm sorry I haven't posted the tutorial I promised, but I have filmed it, I just haven't got the software to edit it, but I swear I will get that done asap! Also, I have a little competition coming on Sunday, so stay tuned for that!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Natural Smokey Eye | Tutorial

Welcome to my first EVER tutorial! This has been my most requested post (by which I mean someone actually requested something, YAY!) so I thought I'd give it a shot. You'll probably know I have been intending to do this for a while. I have had it filmed for about a month at least now, however after lots of editing and some severe internet issues, I have finally finished it! It's my first ever video, so if its a bit rubbish, sorry! My only experience of YouTube is watching videos, not making them-little bit out of my comfort zone... enjoy!