Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Revlon ColourStay Concealer Review


I'm very fussy when it comes to concealers and I have very high expectations as my under-eye circles are quite dark and uneven and just generally in a bit of a state.

I bought this with high hopes because of the name ColourStay, but that was not to be. Just to say, the colour is not really right for me as it is a little to yellow-toned for me.

My main issue for me is how much it creases and how quickly it comes off. When I first apply it, it really brightens my eye area and the coverage isn't terrible (although it could be better), but within minutes it settles into the creases and lumps in my skin and rubs off the raised areas within a couple of hours, even when I powder it. It's also quite thin and oily , so I definitely wouldn't recommend it for oily skin as it would just slip off!

In comparison to other concealers I have tried, this is not my favourite. For example, the Rimmel Wake Me Up is quite similar, just this is not as brightening and is a little more cakey when dry. My favourite concealer (so far) is the Collection Lasting Perfection as although it is a little dry, it provides far more coverage and stays in place for longer too.

All in all I would not recommend the Revlon ColourStay concealer compared to others that I think are far better value.

Monday, 1 June 2015

May | Monthly Top 5


This year is flying past, were almost half way already, whaaaaat? May seemed to go even faster than usual, although I feel like I say that every month. Anyway, it's time for another monthly top 5 and I'm going to get straight into it.

5. Models Own Buffing Block
At the start of the month I had a bit of a spree in a Models Own bottle shop (which are adorable if you haven't seen one) and bought a few bits, most of which appear in this months favourites. The first thing was this buffing block. which I got as a free gift for going into the store, which I think is a really nice touch. It's come in really handy and has kept my nails looking smooth and neat. The nail file is especially good as far as nail files go and the shine side makes them really smooth and nail polish goes on a lot better too. All in all a really useful tool to have.

4. Models Own nail polish in Red Alert
Next is a standard Models Own nail polish in a bright post box red, which I was missing from my collection. It's the perfect red that just looks so classic on fingers and toes. The formula is really nice too, its really shiny and long lasting and I would really recommend Models Own polishes.

3. Yankee candles
This is more of a general favourite but anyone who has ever had one will get it. I have two: Vanilla Cupcake and Orange Spice, which I love to burn together to create orange spice and vanilla cupcake scent! So good! The orange one is more of a Christmassy cinnamon smell and the cupcake scent is spot on, it's gorgeous. I don't know how they do it but all the other ones I've smelt are always so accurate. Plus they're relatively cheap, easy to get hold of and long lasting.

2. Models Own Hyperlips Lip Gloss in Premier Plum
I've worn this gloss a lot this month as although it looks dark when you swatch it, it's barely darker than my natural lip colour. It's really shiny but hardly very sticky and it's just a great your-lips-but-better everyday lip gloss. It doesn't dry out or go patchy when it wears off, which admittedly it does after not too long, a couple of hours at most. Apart from that its pretty much perfect.

1. Invisibobble
These have been absolutely hair saving for me. I tie my hair up every night when I sleep and several times a week at school, so it's up a lot and I like my hair to be as straight as it can be, which doesn't happen with normal hairbands; they leave a large kink. But with the invisibobble, my hair stays straight and it doesn't look like it's been tied up. It doesn't pull on my hair and feel uncomfortable or get caught or knotted. They're quite pricey at £3.75 for a pack of 3, but they last for so so long as they don't thin down or snap over time and I would 100% recommend them.

I know I normally stick to beauty favourites as that's what this blog is about, but I just had to mention music. My friend introduced me to Fall out Boy about two weeks ago and ever since I've been completely obsessed. I love their two latest albums and have played them to death: Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psyco. Some of my favourite songs include Young Volcanoes, Immortals, Centuries, Jetpack Blues, The Pheonix, Uma Thurman, Alone together and too many more to list right now! I had heard them mentioned a few times before but shoutout to Niamh for telling me to listen to them.

So those are my favourite things from May and I hope you liked reading about them. leave below what you've been enjoying in may, I'd love to know.