Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Revlon ColourStay Concealer Review


I'm very fussy when it comes to concealers and I have very high expectations as my under-eye circles are quite dark and uneven and just generally in a bit of a state.

I bought this with high hopes because of the name ColourStay, but that was not to be. Just to say, the colour is not really right for me as it is a little to yellow-toned for me.

My main issue for me is how much it creases and how quickly it comes off. When I first apply it, it really brightens my eye area and the coverage isn't terrible (although it could be better), but within minutes it settles into the creases and lumps in my skin and rubs off the raised areas within a couple of hours, even when I powder it. It's also quite thin and oily , so I definitely wouldn't recommend it for oily skin as it would just slip off!

In comparison to other concealers I have tried, this is not my favourite. For example, the Rimmel Wake Me Up is quite similar, just this is not as brightening and is a little more cakey when dry. My favourite concealer (so far) is the Collection Lasting Perfection as although it is a little dry, it provides far more coverage and stays in place for longer too.

All in all I would not recommend the Revlon ColourStay concealer compared to others that I think are far better value.

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