Monday, 13 July 2015

DIY Palettes


First off, sorry for not posting in AGES, but was busy with school stuff and recently I've just been feeling a bit uninspired and not really in the mood to blog, but now I've got some ideas so I'm going to try and get back into things.

This one is a bit different as I thought I'd show you a very Pinterest-type tutorial: DIY palettes. The idea was inspired by something I discovered recently called the Z-palette. The basic idea of these is that they are an empty, magnetic palette that you can put any product in which is in a metal pan. But, they are really expensive for what they are, so I have two ways to show you to make your own.

So for the first method you'll need an old palette that you can remove the contents from, some scissors or a ruler, the new products to put in the palette and maybe some double-sided tape.

Start by removing the contents from the old palette. Use the scissors/ruler to prise it up as it's most likely stuck down.

Next, take your new products and remove them from any packaging they may be already in. If the pans don't already have some form of adhesive on the bottom, then use double-sided tape to stick them down. The reason I don't recommend using glue is because the point of this palette is that you can change out the contents any time.

Then simply stick the pans in the palette and voila! a fully customisable cosmetic palette at little/no cost!

Now, at the start I mentioned an alternative way of doing things, and that is to make it like the Z-palette and make it magnetic. To do this, use magnetic dots instead of double-sided tape and use a metal palette, or line the bottom of the palette with magnetic tape.

I hope you liked this slightly different post and leave a comment below with post suggestions x

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