Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As you will know if you read my Lakeside Haul, I want to change the name of my blog, but I don't really know what to call it! Then I thought, ask people who read it! (That‘s you!) So, I am having a competition to see if you guys can come up with any good names. The name needs to either:
~Show what the blog is about~
For this it must show beauty, fashion, nails and hair, not just one, all! It must also show that it is drugstore (high street) products, not high end.

For this option I am looking for something that reflects me a little bit. This one will be easier for those of you who know me, but the following should help those of you who don't...I like purple, playing guitar, I am artistic and creative and like beauty and fashion etc (obviously!) If you're still not sure, check out my Hello and welcome! post, which should give you a bit more info.

If you can't squeeze all that into just a name, you can also add a tag line if you want to, but that's optional!
I will take all your suggestions, select 4/5 of my favourites, and put them in a poll down the side of my blog. I will then take the top 2 most popular and decide between them. I also have two ideas of my own (one of each of the options above) which I will add to the poll. They're Splash of Purple or FAB: Fashion And Beauty.
If you would like to enter, you can leave a comment below, send me a message via my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram which are linked down the side --> or email me alison.e.reeve@outlook.com (business only).
The deadline for suggestions is Sunday 18th May 2014.
Good luck! :-)


  1. Alison's fashion fiesta
    For all your hair, nail and makeup needs

  2. It sounds better if you say it in a really cool voice