Sunday, 23 August 2015

My Guide to Washing Brushes


It's important to keep your makeup brushes clean because they can carry bacteria just like any other surface, particularly as they come into contact with skin very regularly. I tend to wash my brushes every sunday and deep clean the ones I use every single day (concealer and powder mainly) once a month by leaving them to soak in soapy water overnight.

When I wash my brushes, I start by rising the bristles under running water and squirting a small amount of gentle shampoo into the palm of my hand. I swirl the brush in the shampoo until the brush is clean then rinse it out and leave it to dry on a towel. When you expose a brush to water, it's important not to get the butt of the brush wet as the glue that holds the bristles will wash away if it gets too wet too often and the bristles will fall out.

For any more tips on caring for brushes, check out this video by Sam & Nic Chapman (aka Pixiwoo) as they are pro makeup artists with their own range of incredible brushes so I would highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel! Plus, most of what I know about brushes came from their brush care video, and just their videos in general!

I hope you liked this video and found it useful and let me know any of your favourite brush brands in the come comments below, I'd love to know!

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