Saturday, 25 July 2015

July| Monthly Top 5


I know, I missed out June, but it was exam time and I was annoyingly busy with revision, but it's the summer holidays at last so I've got more time for the things I want to do, like blogging! 

The main thing I like about this bronzer is the shade. Because I have very pale skin, finding a shade that doesn't make me look orange is difficult,  but this is just right. I do like the L'OrĂ©al Glam Bronze as well, but I wanted something a little darker for summer and this Bourjois one is perfect. Plus it smells of chocolate,  what more could you want?

This is a slightly random favourite, but I bought two of these tops in pink and baby blue about a month back and loved them so much I went back and got another one in purple (of course). They're really cheap for one thing, about £3 I think, an they're so so so comfy! They're really soft and really light and thin without feeling cheap or bad quality and they go with absolutely anything, they're fast becoming a staple!

Things that change colour on their own fascinate me for some reason, so that's my main reason for loving this BB cream. It comes out of he tube white but as you rub it in it changes to match your skin tone! It's not great coverage but it's lightweight so I love it for summer when you don't want anything to heavy or cake in hot weather. 

These are probably some of the best wipes I've used. They are incredibly soft and don't irritate my skin in the slightest. They're really cheap, they smell nice and they take off all my makeup pretty easily,  although waterproof mascara is a bit of a struggle, but other than that I love them and would recommend them to anyone, even if you have sensitive skin I would give them a go!

I haven't tried very many different hairsprays, so this might not be a very fair judgement in comparison to some other hairsprays, but I absolutely love it! Unless you use loads, it doesn't make your hair too straw-like and it lasts quite a long time, but my main reason for loving it so much is the smell. As you can see from the picture,  it's iced raspberry and vanilla scented, and I'm a sucker for vanilla-scented things anyway, but I would honestly wear this scent as a perfume! It smells amazing and it's really cheap so there nothing not to love!

So those were my top 5 favourite thing in July, I hope you liked it and I'd love to hear your favourite thing from this month, so let me know in the comments below!

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