Friday, 9 May 2014

Foundation & Concealer | Tips and Tricks

So, the first tips and tricks, and I thought I would start with the basis of all makeup: foundation and concealer! Getting your base right can make your skin look flawless and your eyes bright and awake. 

Choosing a foundation and concealer
•Swatch the product on your face, not your hand or neck, it's not the same colour. 
•Let the product sit on your skin for at least 10 minutes, the acid balance in your skin can adjust the colour over time. 
•Check the match in natural light, artificial light can be deceiving, making it look a different colour. 
•Don't buy a foundation darker than your skin colour to create a tan, this will look unnatural so use a bronzer for a sunny look. 

Applying foundation and concealer
•Check your make up in multiple mirrors and lights, dark light is deceiving and you want to avoid any nasty surprises. 
•Apply your foundation lightly, if it feels like a mask, you're wearing way too much. 
•Remember that your face is not a flat surface, use tools designed for the job. 
•Blend concealer with a specially designed brush, or your ring finger. Favour this finger because it's more gentle so it gives you better coverage. 

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