Monday, 10 November 2014

Essential tools & SOS kit


I thought I'd share with you guys what I consider to be the bare essentials to use for makeup and what I carry as my "SOS" kit to fix any makeup disasters on the go. I got the inspiration for this from a Vogue makeup book I read a few months back, but I've adjusted it to what I think you absolutely need.

First, essential tools that you need as a basic start to makeup. All I think you need are 3 things: a medium face brush, a medium eyeshadow brush and a thin lip brush. You can multitask with these brushes, so you only really need these. The face brush can be used for powder, bronzer, highlight and blusher. The eye brush can be used for concealer, eyeshadow and detailed shading with bronzer, while the lip brush can do eyeliner as well as lipstick.

Now moving onto my SOS kit, which is just four things. The first is Vaseline, or any lip balm, which if you've got dry lips it's an absolute savior. Next is a cotton bud, which sounds odd, but if you've got dramatic eye or lip makeup on and it smudges, or your mascara dots around your eyes, cotton buds are really great to clean it up. The next thing is a compact mirror, which I find always comes in handy, just to check that everything's in order. You can get one for under a fiver from most highstreet makeup stores. Last is an emery board (or nail file), which I don't use as often as the other things, but it's great if a broken nail crops up just to put that right and neaten everything up.

I hope you liked this and found it helpful, particularly if you're just starting out in makeup, and leave any requests for posts or even videos below as I'm always open to your suggestions :)

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