Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Contouring tips


Before I begin, there wasn't a Monthly Top 5 for November sadly because I haven't had the time to put one together and plus I haven't really tried many new products this month, let alone ones I loved. Anyway, this is part two of the extra tips that I didn't know about when I did the 'Tips & Tricks' series earlier in  the year. Last week I did lipstick, so click here if you haven't seen that and want to.

My first and main tip is where to contour. The main place is under the cheek bones to create the illusion of a thinner face. This also works with the nose and hair line. You can also add highlighter to brighten up your face and make you look more awake, like this....

Photo credit: http://www.taylorandrew.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/highlightcontour.jpg

Obviously blend the product in more than that picture, but that's just to show where to put it. Also just to add, I don't do all of this every day, but on occasion I'll make an effort.

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