Monday, 20 October 2014

Boots Botanics Eye Cream | Reviews


I'm going to talk to you about the Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On eye cream. (Side-note: I'll be doing reviews like this for all the products that I don't like because the ones I do like end up in a Monthly Top 5 eventually!) I bought it, not only to moisturise under my eyes, but mainly to reduce my dark circles, which are my nightmare! I've been testing it out for about 2 months now and thought I'd share my opinion with you guys.

The Good
It's really good at moisturising my under eye areas, and reduces the puffy, tired look. It leaves my eyes feeling nice and moisturised. That's about as far as the good points go.

The Bad
Unfortunately, although it moisturises, it did leave me with creases and a generally uneven surface. Beside that, the main thing that really disappointed me was that it said on the box that it would reduce the appearance of dark circles, but that didn't really happen at all! Very frustrating because that was the main reason I bought it!

The Bottom Line
If you don't suffer too badly with dark circles and just want something to moisturise and care for your under eyes, then I would recommend it. But for me, it just doesn't cut it if you have mega dark circles. All I can say is I'm glad I bought it on sale!

Just to add, I know I didn't post last monday, but I was ill, sorry! As for the uploading schedule, I think it might have to be a post every other monday and a video at the start of every month. Not very regular, I know, but I'm busy sometimes!

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