Sunday, 1 February 2015

January | Monthly Top 5


Happy New Year!! Sorry I haven't posted for so long, I've been busy. My birthday was at the start of the month, and I got lots of great face and body products, so hopefully I should have lots to blog about!

I've heard a lot if people rave about Sleek blushers so I had to give one a go. I really like the pigmentation of this blush, and the packaging is great as it feels really nice and sturdy while the mirror in the compact is really handy. I love this shade too, it's a lovely, natural pink with a little gold shimmer. 

I hadn't tried or heard about any 17 products before, but so far I'm reasonably impressed. This lip gloss is a little sticky but it looks really glossy and the shade is a pale, nude pink with slight silver shimmer, which looks really pretty and natural. I've worn it quite a bit this month and I like it.

This is another product that's had great reviews, and I can see why. It's really moisturising so it doesn't dry my lips out and the colour is really nice; dark pink with gold shimmer. It last pretty well too, and I've worn it most days so I'd recommend it.

If you're blonde, you'll understand how hard it is to find a good brow shade that's the right shade without being too waxy on a budget. But this one's great. It has a felt tip tint on one end which is great for filling in your brows, although it can be slightly too dark if you over use it. On the other end is a  I know this product is a little on the expensive side for high street,  but I think it's really worth it.

I wouldn't normally feature a book on my blog, but as it's written by one of my favourite beauty bloggers/YouTubers, so I think I can. Especially as I loved it so much, and I'm not just saying that because I'm love Zoe! It's a very girly book about friend and boy drama,  but with a twist of panic attacks,  which Zoe herself suffers with. It's a heart warming story that I really enjoyed reading! I don't want to give any spoilers away, but if you like a good girly romance then I would highly recommend it!

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